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  随着形势的发展,求职信的写作变得越来越重要。求职信的写作质量不仅反映求职者的文字水平,也是求职者的思想觉悟、业务能力等诸多方面的综合反映。 永利集团小编整理了英语求职信范文带翻译,欢迎阅读!


  name: xxx sex: female

  ethnic: chinese political features: members

  academic qualifications (degree): undergraduate: english

  contact tel: mobile:

  contact address: xx street, dongcheng district, beijing on the 10th zip: 100007

  email address: pager :

  educational background

  graduate institutions: hunan university 2003.9 - 2007.7 technology trade undergraduate english majors

  other: other training

  minor in japanese and guides

  certified public accountant examination is being

  work experience

  * sino-us joint venture has 2009.4 ---狄姆armstrong technology co., ltd.

  translation / general manager of the secretary of

  to deal with all day-to-day affairs, general manager / executive director of the united states at the scene of translation of the technical training and business development / technical support to the united states, accompanied by work-site guidance / management arrangements for the meeting and the organization for translation business

  * 2009.4 --- 2007.10 beijing sino-swiss joint venture zhong'an fire electronics co., ltd.

  assistant manager of foreign production

  responsible for switzerland, germany and hong kong's international sourcing operations / translation of various production techniques, business contract documents / assist in the implementation of the work of home-made electronic components / to organize and coordinate the production of the departmental meetings, and undertake translation work


  i am adaptable, responsible and diligent work, and has a good team spirit. engaged in translation and negotiations over the years, assistant work, accumulated a wealth of foreign trade negotiations and international trade experience and excellent english oral, written expression. able to skillfully operate a variety of office software and equipment to do the needs of modern office.

  please give me a chance, i will also you to eye-catching glory.

  i character

  cheerful, modest, self-discipline, self-confidence (based on the person's circumstances).

  another: the most important thing is the ability, i believe that your company will feel that i am a suitable candidate for this position!

  look forward to working with your interviews!














  中美合资·安切洛蒂2009.4 -科技有限公司



  * 2009 2007.10——电子有限公司











  I am a graduating undergraduate course graduate. I am honored to have the opportunity presented to you my personal information. In society, in order to better play to their talents, would like to make a few self-Leaders recommend.

  Good university life, cultivate my rigorous scientific thinking method, I also created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and pioneering spirit of innovation consciousness. Basic knowledge of both inside and outside the classroom to expand the vast social practice, a solid and broad perspective, so I understand the society; to develop a continuous learning and work. Excellent quality is rigorous, the steadfast work style and the unity cooperation, so I am sure they are completely in the positions in setting, dedication, more business! I believe that my skills and knowledge required by your organization is, I sincerely desire, I can sacrifice for the future of their own youth and blood!

  I am cheerful and lively personality, interests and broad; open-minded, steady work; collective concern, a strong sense of responsibility; sincere, serious work of the initiative, with professionalism. In the four years of study and life, I have a very good professional knowledge, learning achievement has come out in front. In my spare time, I read a lot of professional and extra-curricular books, and mastery of a variety of design software written word is not advertising, not pass. But I know: a young man, can through continuous learning to improve themselves, to prove himself in practice. Dear sir / miss, if I can won your appreciation, I will dutifully take practical action to prove to you: your past, I too late to participate; but your future, I would like to sacrifice my life of hard work and sweat! Once again extend my most sincere thanks!







  Distinguished leadership:

  Hello, first of all, thank you in spite of being very busy toglance reading my application letter to apply for a job, for a full of enthusiasm university student opens a door of hope. Today and for your guidance.

  I am the pingdingshan industry professional technology institute 02 a recent graduate of electrical system. Today, I was with a calm and the excited mood to present the letter of self recommendation. Are calm, my knowledge and ability will not let you down, you will be worthy to produce any authority of the recommendation to get professional for me, also could not get loads of award certificate for my chips, but only by the result of more than ten years hard work and yourself to bear hardships and stand hard work of nature as the cornerstone of the I.

  I am very lucky to grow in a competitive and challenges and opportunities coexist and development of the s, in the future, I am full of hope, and are eager to find the fulcrum of life, to hold up a piece of blue sky. Since entering university, I am deeply aware of the fierce social competition and cruelty, especially a college graduate. As a result, over the past few years I study hard professional knowledge, starting from the basic knowledge of each course, hard to master the basic skills, deep drilling fine grind, seek its inherent law, and achieved good results. In order to adapt to the need of The Times, a qualified technical personnel, should be complete, professional knowledge and practice, and designed and dhi, passion and composed of both, the people of cultivation of morality and health, through three years, I always believe that life as the sword of iron casting, hone and wait. Over the past three years, I don't dare to slack, hold and cherish each developing their own opportunities. "Ask canal which had so much to have a source to", I often wished that oneself, do not give up speaking out of turn, steadfastly, one step at a time to close to the target, through the study period of uneven road.

  Looking back at the end of the university of time, from an ignorant child to cross-century talents of all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, condensed the meantime I struggle and glory, happiness and bitterness of failure. But achievement belongs to the past, also need to see the success in the future, I will continue my relay, relentlessly. "Device will try and know its or failure, will ride a horse, and then is known by its good if".

  Enclosed personal resume, look forward to hearing from you!







  我很幸运能生长在一个充满竞争和挑战,机遇与发展并存的年代, 对未来,我充满憧憬,并渴望找到人生的支点,去撑起一片湛蓝的天空。自从进入大学以来,我就深深地意识到社会竞争的激烈和残酷性,特别是一名大专毕业生。因此,几年来我努力学习专业知识,从各门课程的基础知识出发,努力掌握其基本技能技巧,深钻细研,寻求其内在规律,并取得了良好的成绩。为适应时代的需要,一个合格的技术人才,应该是专业知识与实践齐备,博与专并济,激情与沉稳兼有,道德和健康双修的人,寒暑三载,我始终坚信生命如执铁铸剑,磨砺以待。三年来,我不敢懈怠,把握和珍惜每一个发展自己的机会。“问渠哪得清如许,为有源头活水来”,我常以此勉励自己,不轻言放弃,踏踏实实,一步一个脚印去接近设定的目标,走过了一段不平坦的求学道路。













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